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Wealth, asset and investment management firms are experiencing record results so for what you are waiting for. We do have the solution for everybody. Instead of paying expensive fees and having no flexibility for your needs and wishes, start now with Social Trading made by Swiss-Finance.

To find new strategies the biggest aim and the hardest thing in this times of the ability to do everything yourself and having access to all information. But there is the chance we got! Social Trading made by Swiss-Finance.

The clients and customers (82%) lost their money in the past and the people who are real investors are looking for alternatives to real estate or commodities are out there and they need to just get to know us.

Most traditional Brokers or Wealth Managers taking on clients with a net worth below $250.000 to start building a portfolio.

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The Future of Personal Finance

  • Focus the human touch where it matters most
  • Leverage new automated services to scale for new investors

Social Trading and automated services are here to stay. These recommendations have many implications:

  • Financial advisors will earn much less per client, but automation will enable each advisor to manage a book much larger than the current 150 client limit.
  • Pricing and fee transparency will lead to much more fungible services, where counseling and trust will earn higher fees, not choosing investment products that conform to internal interests.
  • Human conversations will not be replaced by automation; next generation digital platforms will serve to amplify them, and increase their value.
  • Automated consumption of more financial products will inevitably lead to greater internal consolidation; internal P&L and business line conflicts will be broken by threat of extinction.

Everybody should have a portfolio and copy the successful traders at swiss finest .

Current performance won’t predict future results, but it can drive us to a stronger future.

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